List of Dead Beat Dad Cases

A Look at Deadbeat Dads and Child Support Cases
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

About Those Child Support Payments

Collecting child support from dead beat dads is a difficult task, and most single moms aka baby mamas or divorced women never see a dime. Most states have severe consequences for not paying child support.

1996 In the state of Alabama the judge started revoking and suspending the driver's licenses of deadbeat moms and deadbeat dads who did not pay. The controversial ruling became known as pay or walk.

In 2004
a family court judge in Kentucky, Judge D. Michael aka Mickey Foellger, tried to make dead beats dad pay by making it mandatory that they get a vasectomy if they could not afford to pay child support. 

Backlash and Support for Fathers Accused of Non Payment

There are many groups aimed at supporting fathers and lowering the payments that they have to pay when having financial hardships. They want the public to know that a father's inability to pay is not always because they are trying to get back at their ex, but sometimes the fees are actually too high. Fathers are also facing the challenge of not being able to see their children when they fall behind on payments.

List of Dead Beat Dad Cases

2011: Dr. Donald Lee Roberts, 61, wanted to avoid paying support for his child so much so that he left the country in order to avoid paying. He was eventually jailed and sentenced for failing to pay his child support dues. 


  1. I wish I had this information in the late 70's and early 80's. I went through the same situation where my case worker was a man and told me if I would go to bed with him he would help. I agreed to meet him only after I started getting some child support. Thank God I never had to meet him. My children were 12,9 and 6 when their father and I divorced. I never received anything until the youngest was in the tenth grade. I held five jobs taking care of my children over the years, all at one time to make ends meet. My x owned me at one time over $55,000 plus doctors bills. When he passed away at the age of 51, he still owned $17,000. My prayers go out to all who have had this problem. I survived and life was hard but thank God for friends who helped me through those times.

  2. I watched the movie and a couple issues arose from it. 1. Being from Ohio, the laws in the 70's 80's and 90's were different than they are today. 2. It was apparent that the husband committed adultry and was Court Ordered To Pay Child Support and yes he blatantly did not pay to support his two boys. 3. The effect of his actions was inexcusable when it came to the raising of his son's. My point is this; during the movie when a man approached Mrs.Jenson and said " I pay my support but I haven't seen my children in three years"; this was very disturbing. Because there are woman out there that do this. they want the money but they refuse vistation or move out of State so the Father can't see his children. I know this to be a fact because it happened to me. I was court ordered to pay child support while the mother was court ordred not to leave the state of Ohio with out notifying the court. But she left anyway, and when I notified the court. as I was told I have to know where she moved to, in which I did, nothing legally happened to her. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO CONTEMPT OF COURT. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO GIVING THE FATHER A CHANCE TO GET CUSTODY WHEN THIS OCCURRES. I commend Mrs. Jenson on her fighting back and finally receiving the money for the children, but always keep in mind, there are also woman out there that will play the system and the court needs to change its attitude thwoman are better child rearers, for this is not true.