Child Support Timeline (Geraldine Jensen Ohio Case)

1977: Gerri divorces her husband

1985: Geraldine Jensen's case hits the press
Ohio state laws concerning child support toughen up. People who won the lottery had to sign a declaration that they do not owe child support payments.

1986: Gerri Jensen's group comes to the attention of the media. At the time there were over 4 million single women who were trying to collect child support payments.

1988: Ohio recalculates how much child support an absent parent should be required to pay.
Banks and landlords look at an absent parents' record to see if they are evading their child support payments. Landlords also look for this in order to reject an application for housing.

1989: Gerri Jensen starts receiving her child support payments.

1990: More single fathers try to fight back by filing for joint and sole custody to reduce child support payments.Ohio loses an appeal to avoid a penalty of $5 million dollar for child support. Complaints are made that the child support rules cost the states millions of dollars.

2004: Geraldine Jensen had a bit of drama and stepped down due to fraud accusations. She was accused of increasing the number of members for her organization in order to get new members and for grants. Jensen stated that they actually have more than the 50,000 members on record. As for the fraud cases, it appears that a woman named Patricia Lisa Redieck, age 36, was responsible for faking Geraldine Jensen's signature on some checks in the early 2000's. Jensen's organization has always come under fire by various sources who resent the work that she has done and for her role in helping shape child support laws. Geraldine Jensen officially retires from her organization. Jensen publishes a book entitled Child Support A Complete reference.

2006: Jensen publishes the book How to Collect Child Support

Geraldine has gone on to write books on child support.She has been given the Heinz Award, the Ohio Mother of the Year Award, the Gleitsman Citizen Activist Award,  and she was entered into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame. She is now a public speaker and she continues to help government agencies.

2012: Stephen E. Gerharter, Geraldine's ex husband, died when he had some sort of medical issue while driving in Nebraska. He was found by passers by in a burning car. He was pulled from the car and taken to a nearby hospital where he expired. He had been married to the same woman since 1979 after his divorce from Gerri.